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“To be honest, this is the best strain of tempeh I’ve yet tried, super luxurious growth and great taste.” – David Zilber, NOMA

10 g of Tempeh spores. For each kg of cooked soybeans, you will need 1-2 g of starter. So with this pack you will be able to make 5-10 kg of Tempeh. If you are just starting out, use 2 g per kg.

These spores are mixed with rice flour. These are the Raprima brand spores from Indonesia.

Best stored in the fridge. Can be frozen for long term storage.

If you buy these spores and they pass the best before date, they just become a bit less vital, they don’t become dangerous or anything. Just use closer to 3 g of starter per kg.

Best before date: May 2021

Did you know? We now offer dehulled, organic soybeans. They are perfect for making Tempeh! No more manual dehulling required :)

Weight 10 g



10 g, 100 g

4 reviews for Tempeh Spores

  1. Mateusz (verified owner)

    These spores are doing their job nicely. I had them grown on regular substrates and few unorthodox as well and all went well. Moreover the taste is more complex comparing to all the starters I had the chance to buy in Europe. In fact they remind me of the ones i was using when i lived in Timor Leste and was using wild ragi found on leaves. Great investement. I use 1g per kilo and it works like magic

  2. Moritz Jaksch (verified owner)

    Ordered it last Weekend – Super fast delivery by the way – and made Tempeh with it this week. I grew the spores on Chickpeas and it went great. I was first a bit unsure about the doneness of the beans, because I feel like getting the moisture-content of the substrate is the hardest part with Tempeh (and Koji… :)) But it grew perfectly in my Incubator at 30 degrees. And after 12 hours i removed the heat source and let it sit in the insulated box for another roughly 20 hours, it went so fast and it tastes very complex and interesting – best Tempeh I made to date! I used 2g per kilo, just to be on the safe side :)

  3. kintaro (verified owner)

    Very good product. I used them on organic soy and my tempeh was a success. Delivery is fast for Switzerland (a few days), price is cheap and the team is very friendly. Highly recommended !

  4. Kevin Perlinger (verified owner)

    Fantastic white growth! Smell and taste is awesome. Also it‘s extremely fast. My last strain needed almost 2 days. This one is done after one day!

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