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    “To be honest, this is the best strain of tempeh I’ve yet tried, super luxurious growth and great taste.” – David Zilber, NOMA

    10 g of Tempeh spores. For each kg of cooked soybeans, you will need 1-2 g of starter. So with this pack you will be able to make 5-10 kg of Tempeh. If you are just starting out, use 2 g per kg.

    These spores are mixed with rice flour. These are the Raprima brand spores from Indonesia.

    Best stored in the fridge. Can be frozen for long term storage.

    If you buy these spores and they pass the best before date, they just become a bit less vital, they don’t become dangerous or anything. Just use closer to 3 g of starter per kg.

    Did you know? We now offer dehulled, organic soybeans. They are perfect for making Tempeh! No more manual dehulling required :)

    Weight10 g

    10 g, 100 g, 500 g

    99 reviews for Tempeh Spores

    1. Colin Künzi (verified owner)

      The tempeh came out great! I made one with soybeans and one with split chickpeas(:

    2. Douglas Curtis (verified owner)

      Excellent vigor and taste. Greatly recommended for the northern bean tempeh I make.
      Buy a lot, you’ll be wanting more! ;)

    3. Kasper Melsvik (verified owner)

    4. Ruben Nunez (verified owner)

      The best spores I found on Europe. Super fast delivery. I love it!

    5. Linus Klein (verified owner)

    6. Oskar Bogdanowicz (verified owner)

      Good, consistent and strong spores

    7. Oskar Bogdanowicz (verified owner)

      Good, consistent and strong spores

    8. David (verified owner)

      Top quality, fast delivery. I’m fully satisfied.

    9. Armando Trapletti (verified owner)

    10. paolo cipollini (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery, thanks! The Spores worked very well , I used half teaspoon of spores for 250 gr of dried soybeans. So the tempeh was very good

    11. Nigel tonto ching (verified owner)

      Good starter spores. Work well as well long after the use by date!

    12. Karin Van den Bogaert (verified owner)

    13. Anna (verified owner)

    14. Alexandru Vasiliu (verified owner)

      I used 1g/kg of unshelled soybeans, I obtained very good results.

    15. Lan (verified owner)

      I purchased tempeh, natto and koji spores from here and am very pleased with the quality. Every batch was a sucess so far! Made soy and lupin bean tempeh in DIY fermentation box. The soy was ready in 24h, the lupini needed 48h – but both were really nice in the end.

    16. Jo (verified owner)

      It gives a very good result! It was my first starter for tempeh and never tried other ones but I keep ordering from here cause it is already so good.

    17. Markus Böhm (verified owner)

    18. jack (verified owner)

      Worked perfectly with the soy beans i also bought from here!

    19. Aloisia Webinger (verified owner)

    20. Aldina Rigamonti (verified owner)

    21. Matteo Ambrosetti (verified owner)

    22. Malte (verified owner)

      The spores certainly work as advertised and shipping was fast – no complaints whatsoever!

    23. Sebastian Kihlstrand (verified owner)

    24. Francisco Hernandez Lucas (verified owner)

      Snow white tempeh. Lively spores, always give me a good result (unless I’m messing around with other parameters, but that fault is my own). Not the first time ordering these, and won’t be the last time either.

    25. John Faul (verified owner)

      Tempeh is notoriously difficult to make as the moisture content of the beans is essential for success.
      I soak the dehulled beans overnight and then steam them for half an hour.
      Before adding the starter ensure the beans are as dry as possible – only then place the beans in perforated bags and ferment.
      I do it in the oven with a hairdryer connected to an Inkbird (bought on Amazon) and the temperature set at 30 degrees celcius.
      After about 36 hours the tempeh is fully white and ready to be stored in the fridge..
      And yes this starter makes the best tasting tempeh out there.

    26. Christian Trunsperger (verified owner)

      Perfect result with whatever substrate I used so far.
      Really easy to handle, no overheating and it always takes 36 hours for a full grown mycelium.

    27. Fulvia (verified owner)

    28. Christophe Kaisin (verified owner)

      Fantastique! super produit. Je m’inquiétais quand ça devenait un peu noir mais apparement c’est tout à fait normal et encore comestible.

    29. István Petykó (verified owner)

    30. Ricardo Sousa (verified owner)

    31. Lukas Schedel (verified owner)

      Die Sporen funktionieren absolut zuverlässig!
      Aroma ist angenehm Würzig .

    32. Roland Regli (verified owner)

      To few experiences – but works very well also with potatoes.

    33. Siobhan Manning (verified owner)

      Makes gorgeous tempeh

    34. Manu (verified owner)

      My very first batch came out great!
      I had no experience whatsoever prior to that. I might be able to get the same result using less starter next time.
      Great product, very reasonable prices and shipping fees, it checks all the boxes. I will not hesitate to place another order when the time comes.

    35. Adam (verified owner)

    36. Tobias Friedrich (verified owner)

    37. athos martinelli (verified owner)

      Good quality.
      Tu use quite fast because of early expire date.

    38. Jo (verified owner)

    39. Basia (verified owner)

      Very good quality. The beans were totally covered by the white tempeh.

    40. Roland (verified owner)

      First time that I produced Tempeh!
      Result was top, After 22 Hours by 32 C the product was fully covered. Great to eat, nutty smell

    41. George (verified owner)

      Arrived promptly and worked very well!

    42. marijana pontoni (verified owner)

    43. Jose Juan Lopez-Rubio (verified owner)

      the tempeh made with these spores was great

    44. claudia cavallucci (verified owner)

      The best tempeh never made!!!

    45. Ivana Mik (verified owner)

      Mild tasting tempeh, decent growth

    46. Annie Simpkins (verified owner)


    47. Florian Huber (verified owner)

    48. Vanessa Urben (verified owner)

      Slowly getting to some decent tempeh, quite tough with the moisture

    49. Sebastian Binder (verified owner)

    50. jingqiu Ervasti (verified owner)

      High-quality products and services . i

    51. STEFANIA DELEO (verified owner)

    52. Saskia Evelin Howald (verified owner)

      I used ferments to make tempeh the first time. Being completely inexperienced, I imagined that I would not be able to make it. Contrary to all predictions, it succeeded perfectly. The taste is really good, nothing like what you find in supermarkets. I will always make it at home.

    53. Roberto Martinetti (verified owner)

    54. Stanislav Rejchrt (verified owner)

    55. jere Vihervaara (verified owner)

    56. Hiro Takeda (verified owner)

    57. Abi Aspen Glencross (verified owner)

    58. Lorenzo Giacomella (verified owner)

    59. Giovanni Z (verified owner)

      Excellent service end product

    60. Paul (verified owner)

    61. frensis (verified owner)

      perfect and very effective! racomended!!

    62. Ondřej Kupka (verified owner)

      I had absolutely no problem growing tempeh following the advised starter amount for my soybeans. No need whatsoever to add extra as advised for the beginners.

    63. Kate T (verified owner)

      Had before and very active giving a lovely tempeh

    64. Jacob Petersen (verified owner)

    65. Jannik Moser (verified owner)

      Worked very nicely on my soy substrate. Gonna try with other things too now. As always great quality and some infos about how to use.

    66. Ana Devder (verified owner)

    67. Martin Ruffley (verified owner)

    68. Philippe Castagner (verified owner)

      Works perfectly. Makes tempeh.

    69. Roberto Farina (verified owner)

    70. Elena Garavelli (verified owner)

    71. William Barnardo (verified owner)

      So excited to receive these, makes delicious tempeh, makes me nostalgic for Java

    72. ilaria Zappi (verified owner)

    73. Giulia Pupa (verified owner)

      Facilissimi da usare ed esce un tempeh fantastico. L’unica accortezza è di mescolare per abbastanza tempo spore e fagioli di soia, che anche per questo non devono essere completamente cotti, bensì al dente

    74. Delphine Rehfuss (verified owner)

    75. cristiana gramata (verified owner)

      I did my first tempeh and i really enjoy it! I love de smell.

    76. Francesco Castelfranco (verified owner)

    77. jere Vihervaara (verified owner)

    78. Tea Dular (verified owner)

    79. Monica Berto (verified owner)

      The ordering was simple and quick and the response was almost immediate. The item arrived as stated, within days literally. The Tempeh spores are brilliant as they did their job working magic on my prepared soy beans which turned out into wonderful tempeh to be steamed and then cooked in a variety of ways. Very pleased with the product and excellent customer service. Highly recommend this product and the company. Thanks.

    80. Andrea Ruberti (verified owner)

    81. claudia cavallucci (verified owner)

    82. philo (verified owner)

      Worked exactly as i wanted is to!!
      will be coming back for more

    83. Thanh-Lan (verified owner)

      Super silky tempeh, love this product. Worked like a dream with chickpeas, would definitely buy again.

    84. Anna Williams (verified owner)

    85. Judith Ebert (verified owner)

      Worked very well, I used 1g for 500g of soybeans (dry weight), grew to a nice block.


      first buy from you

    87. Fabian (verified owner)

      Worked great! My first try was a success! Never tried to make tempeh before, but now I will never buy it in the store again! It’s so easy!
      Super quality, super delivery.

    88. Pedro Saldanha (verified owner)

      Great spores! I used to have trouble making tempeh from sores but this ones worked perfectly! The tempeh came out super compact and super white. And it also smells amazing! What more can I say? Great quality and very fast delivery!

    89. Leo (verified owner)

      Made my first tempeh ever with these spores and it worked like a charm. Came out way better than any I’ve tried before. After the first traditional soy bean batch I tried other substrates as well, all came out fantastic.

    90. Mattia (verified owner)

      The spores arrived very quickly after ordering them. Given the very modest cost of shipment, this was a very nice surprise! They are moreover of the highest quality. I have already made several batches (using soy beans, chickpeas and lentils, etc.). They behave as expected, and give great tasting ending products. I am 100% satisfied and can only recommend fermentationculture.eu to anyone interested in making homemade Tempeh. I am curious to explore new products from this great team! Thank you!

    91. Christian Meyer (verified owner)

      I have made several batches of tempeh with those spores and soy beans (works also with non dehulled beans) or chick peas in my Brod & Taylor proofer at 31°C. The tempeh tastes very delicious and is ready after only 24-26 h. After 24 h it starts to sporulate quickly and dark spots appear, but that doesnt influence the taste.

    92. Bojan Rejc (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery and very good spores.

    93. Ana Margarida Gomes (verified owner)

      Works really well!
      I’m new to tempeh making, don’t have any special equipment and I was still able to make tempeh only in 30h to 33h.
      Can’t wait to buy more when the new batch is available.

    94. Enrico Bufarini (verified owner)

      Very good products. The spores are super active with super white mycelium, it also works with chickpeas, cannellini beans, sweet lupine or Okara mixed with grains.
      I let my Tempeh ferment for 30 hours at 31 degrees C.
      Thank you for a great product.

    95. Matt (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery just in a few days I received my order. As an incubator I used a horizontal dryer at 30° and I grew the white spores on millet. really pleasant nutty smell and taste. Truly satisfy

    96. Kevin Perlinger (verified owner)

      Fantastic white growth! Smell and taste is awesome. Also it‘s extremely fast. My last strain needed almost 2 days. This one is done after one day!

    97. kintaro (verified owner)

      Very good product. I used them on organic soy and my tempeh was a success. Delivery is fast for Switzerland (a few days), price is cheap and the team is very friendly. Highly recommended !

    98. Moritz Jaksch (verified owner)

      Ordered it last Weekend – Super fast delivery by the way – and made Tempeh with it this week. I grew the spores on Chickpeas and it went great. I was first a bit unsure about the doneness of the beans, because I feel like getting the moisture-content of the substrate is the hardest part with Tempeh (and Koji… :)) But it grew perfectly in my Incubator at 30 degrees. And after 12 hours i removed the heat source and let it sit in the insulated box for another roughly 20 hours, it went so fast and it tastes very complex and interesting – best Tempeh I made to date! I used 2g per kilo, just to be on the safe side :)

    99. Mateusz (verified owner)

      These spores are doing their job nicely. I had them grown on regular substrates and few unorthodox as well and all went well. Moreover the taste is more complex comparing to all the starters I had the chance to buy in Europe. In fact they remind me of the ones i was using when i lived in Timor Leste and was using wild ragi found on leaves. Great investement. I use 1g per kilo and it works like magic

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