Organic Pumpkinseed Shoyu

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This is a shoyu that is made like regular shoyu, but instead of soybeans we used pumpkinseedflour from Austria. Pumpkinseedflour is what is left after pressing the seeds to extract the oil. The flour has a very high content of protein (higher than soy) which makes it a wonderful ingredient for a shoyu.

This sauce has a stronger taste compared to our Light soy sauce

Salt-content: 13 %

Duration of fermentation: 1,5 month


We guarantee a best-before of 6 months minimum. In all likelihood it will probably be closer to 10 months.

Weight 550 g

250 ml


Water, Pumpkinseedflour (partially deoiled), WHEAT, Salt, A. Oryzae
May contain traces of NUTS, SOY and BARLEY

Best before

January 2020


In the fridge between 4 – 8 °C


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