Organic Dried Koji Rice – 500 g

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    This is rice on which Koji has already been grown. We used the Light Rice strain for that, since we believe that it’s the most versatile of all the strains.

    You can use this product for making Miso, Amazake, Shio Koji, for aging meat etc.

    It has been dried carefully at a maximum temperature of 35°C – to make sure that the enzymatic potential is preserved as much as possible.

    Made exclusively with organic rice from Italy.

    Weight500 g

    Organic Rice (Italy), starter culture (cornstarch, A. Oryzae)

    Ingredients: Reis*, Starterkultur
    * aus biologischer Landwirtschaft (Italien)

    May contain traces of soybeans.

    Store dry and protected from heat

    Nutrition facts per 100 g:
    Energy 301 kcal / 1259 kJ
    Fat 0.6 g
    of which saturated fats 0 g
    Carbohydrates 66 g
    of which sugars 15 g
    Protein 8.3 g
    Salt 0.03 g

    26 reviews for Organic Dried Koji Rice – 500 g

    1. Colin Künzi (verified owner)

    2. Rob B (verified owner)

    3. Barbara Stelzer (verified owner)

    4. nick Richardson (verified owner)

      perfect and ready to use

    5. Paulius Matusevičius (verified owner)

    6. Allison Newman (verified owner)

    7. René Saumer (verified owner)

    8. István Petykó (verified owner)

    9. Nina (verified owner)

    10. Paul Ott (verified owner)

    11. Richard Glasner (verified owner)

      Perfect quality, fast delivery. Miso in progress;)

    12. Francesc Miralles (verified owner)

      Great quality. I purchase regularly to make miso and soya sauce.

    13. Ronny Staquet (verified owner)

    14. Gian (verified owner)

      I am very satisfied with the product purchased.

    15. Christian F (verified owner)

    16. William Barnardo (verified owner)

      Lovely product, got my first ever miso on the go, with British badger beans!

    17. Maria Bachler (verified owner)

    18. Sintija Skarstāne (verified owner)

    19. Tom Farrugia (verified owner)

      Great quality product; quick delivery, easy to store, no excess packaging

      Smells beautiful when rehydrated, works wonderfully

      Good customer service and helpful staff
      Would recommend to anyone

    20. TIBOR TÓTH (verified owner)

    21. Emel Serio (verified owner)

      I always buy from this company to make my own miso .Perfect quality.

    22. Llewyn Máire (verified owner)

    23. Francesc Miralles (verified owner)

    24. GIORGIO SADOTTI (verified owner)


    25. Primoz Dolzan (verified owner)

      Great Koji rice. I made Amazake for the first time and it turned up perfectly. It was done with Oat grain and I was kind of afraid,
      since there is almost no recipes on the internet but as said, it is perfect.
      Keep up the good work I will surely order again.

    26. William Christopher Wingfield (verified owner)

      High quality dried rice Koji which can be used to simplify the making of Amazake, or blitzed up into a powder and sprinkled on meat, chicken, fish, or seafood to impart unique flavors. I recommend this product highly.

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