Barley Koji Spores

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6,00 incl. VAT (5,45 excl. VAT)

Spores best suitable for barley. From personal experience with the strain: it smells amazing!


One bag contains 0.8 g of spores, enough for 5kg of cooked substrate.

Weight 0.8 g

3 reviews for Barley Koji Spores

  1. Steve

    Great product. While I had never made koji before, I have now made (and consumed) quite a few batches with these spores and all have worked out great. Since I have no prior experience I’m judging the spores based on reading what should happen from other sources (aroma and taste of the final product, timecourse of initial growth (~24-30h until initial growth+fragrance) and sporulation (~48-52h) and lack of any contaminants (no other strange coloured molds, off-smells, slimyness etc) ). Based on these criteria, would highly recommend :).

  2. Will H. (verified owner)

    These were the first koji spores I’ve used, as previously I’ve only ever made batches with dried koji rice. However, after trying these I’m never going back! They worked fantastically for me on my first go with them. The barley koji I made was really strong growing, with a really delicious apricot smell and a sweet taste, that I haven’t managed to properly achieved before. I’d highly recommend!

  3. Sardine

    I wrote this summer a research paper about fermentation in France. So I wanted to try out my own koji (to make beef/peas/grasshopper garums). I tried amazon’s koji, and I was really disappointed. This one is INCREDIBLE so efficient, strong and tasty I’ll buy all my next spores on this website now

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