Aspergillus Sojae Spores

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This is a different strain of Aspergillus, not A. oryzae but A. sojae, which is mostly used for light soy sauces. It often grows in Korean Meju blocks, which are used to make doenjang and ganjang.

This strain possesses a unique fragrance (honestly I think it smells a bit like hemp) and brings out the characteristics of A. Sojae most clearly.

If you haven’t seen it, we wrote a tutorial on how to make soy sauce. Check it out here.

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1 review for Aspergillus Sojae Spores

  1. Manuel (verified owner)

    Ordered this spores on sale, we use them before and after the expiration date and worked well both times. We grew on chickpeas and farro the first time and the second on mais and wheat.
    We noticed that they are a bit more “aggressive “ than A. oryzae and they are heating the substrate much more.
    We are very happy with this product. The shipping was very fast too!


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