Aspergillus Sojae Spores

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This is a different strain of Aspergillus, not A. oryzae but A. sojae, which is mostly used for light soy sauces. It often grows in Korean Meju blocks, which are used to make doenjang and ganjang.

This strain possesses a unique fragrance (honestly I think it smells a bit like hemp) and brings out the characteristics of A. Sojae most clearly.

If you haven’t seen it, we wrote a tutorial on how to make soy sauce. Check it out here.

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34 reviews for Aspergillus Sojae Spores

  1. Fredrik Elin (verified owner)

  2. Julia Nachreiner (verified owner)

  3. Dario Marxer (verified owner)

  4. Guido Bauhammer (verified owner)

  5. Michael kunzelmann (verified owner)

    I used them for soy sauce. Everything fine!

  6. Kristoffer Eng (verified owner)

  7. Fulvia (verified owner)

  8. Adam (verified owner)

  9. Olena Ivanova (verified owner)

    Great product! The spores are very active, the growth was no different from that described in the scientific literature! Special thanks for the service. Thank you for patiently answering my questions and helping me with my order. I will definitely be ordering more from you!

  10. Karsten Olsen (verified owner)

  11. Guillermo Revenga (verified owner)

  12. Vanessa Urben (verified owner)

    I used them in a mix with soy koji spores to make meju blocks, we’ll see how it goes ~ wild fermentation on hay did not turn out all too well

  13. M.M. Janssen (verified owner)

    Very lively spores. Received order within a few days. Mature mold smells slightly and nicely like hemp.

  14. M.M. Janssen (verified owner)

    Very lively spores. Received order within a few days. Mature mold smells slightly and nicely like hemp.

  15. Davide belli (verified owner)

  16. Roland Regli (verified owner)

    Great Service surrounding to product. Product self not yet tested but A. orizae run very well!

  17. Ludwig Ringbom (verified owner)

  18. fabio morresi (verified owner)

    yes, for me too this starter smell like hemp

  19. Paul (verified owner)

  20. Roberto Zinzi (verified owner)

  21. Silviu Tamasdan (verified owner)

    Excellent growth on soy, rice and rye. Much faster than I expected, 36h incubation and it’s ready to harvest.

  22. Lukas Schedel (verified owner)

  23. Morgan De Paulo (verified owner)

    The spores were incredibly concentrated and high quality! Just inoculated some barley and now have a couple different shoyus and garums added to the chamber! Very happy with the diligence and professionalism with which handled my order! I will be using this company for my businesses moving forward!

    Chef Morgan Bresnan
    CEO EquipoiseFoodGroup Inc.

  24. Ryan Carter (verified owner)

    Not much to say, the spores are always good and have never failed to make koji. The products also ship out fast, but it can take a couple of weeks to reach the USA (but I don’t fault them at all for that!)

  25. João Alves (verified owner)

  26. Raphaël Gétaz (verified owner)

  27. jere Vihervaara (verified owner)

  28. Claudia Liliana Quiroz Ramirez (verified owner)

  29. Sean Sullivan (verified owner)

  30. Johannes Selmayer (verified owner)

  31. Peter Eisenegger (verified owner)

    fast delivery, fair price, very effective spores.

  32. Adam Lawrence (verified owner)

    These spores traveled a very long distance then sat in a post office for a few days. They still were incredibly active and created a delicious product..

  33. Anna Williams (verified owner)

  34. Manuel (verified owner)

    Ordered this spores on sale, we use them before and after the expiration date and worked well both times. We grew on chickpeas and farro the first time and the second on mais and wheat.
    We noticed that they are a bit more “aggressive “ than A. oryzae and they are heating the substrate much more.
    We are very happy with this product. The shipping was very fast too!


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