If you are interested in learning in a hands-on way, I am happy to hold a workshop.

In such a workshop you will learn:

  • Theory:
    • how to make Koji, the essential component of miso, soy sauce, amazake and saké.
    • why Koji is essential in these foods, and what is going on when miso is fermenting and why it tastes the way it does.
    • about the different ways you could design your own incubation box.
    • how to decide what ratios of rice Koji (or barley Koji) to boiled chickpeas (or soybeans) to use, how to calculate the amount of salt you will need.
    • how to avoid mold growing on your miso when it is fermenting.
    • how to make soy sauce.
  • Hands-on:
    • We will make a miso together with rice or barley Koji that I will bring.
    • We will also taste a few misos of mine (ranging from traditional to experimental)
    • Depending on whether an incubation box is already available, we will also start a fresh batch of Koji


If you are interested, please contact me for rates and the discussion of details.