White Koji Spores

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This strain produces, unlike other strains, white spores. It is best suited for amazake, but can be used for light misos as well. If your main aim is to make amazake, you are best off with this strain.

The fragrance this strain produces is outstanding, in my opinion. It also grows well on barley.

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23 reviews for White Koji Spores

  1. Ilan Ben Zion (verified owner)

    Currently in the fermentation chamber, awaiting results!

  2. Gabriele Rossi (verified owner)

  3. artur orjuhovschii (verified owner)

    One of the best spores that I ever use

  4. Valentin (verified owner)

  5. ANDREA MOLINATTI (verified owner)

  6. Delphine Rehfuss (verified owner)

  7. João Alves (verified owner)

  8. Kenny McIntosh (verified owner)

    Very good quality spores. The website contains very useful help and information. Many thanks

  9. Laura Varžgalytė (verified owner)

    Good active spores. Clean product. Excellent service.

  10. Eric Morris (verified owner)

  11. jay ciccarelli (verified owner)

  12. Gerhard Dragschitz (verified owner)

  13. Pascal Müller (verified owner)

  14. Αriadni Portokaloglou (verified owner)

  15. Julian Ludwig (verified owner)

    After having some bad luck buying some koji spores over ebay, this spores just worked perfectly! Will buy more and can’t recommend enough.

  16. Pratap Chahal (verified owner)

    Been using these spores for over a year now and the quality is just incredible. Super versatile, premium spores and they produce a very fragrant koji.

  17. Beni (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly the best strain for those who are new to koji cultivation, easy, versatile, valid for sake as well as light miso

  18. Michael Daddio

    great spores! put them immediately to test on Grünkern and did their job beautifully. wonderful instructions of how to dosage the spores came with the shipment!

  19. Breandán Kerin (verified owner)

    Excellent spores – awesome service! Definitely coming back for more!

  20. Stav (verified owner)

    Exellent spores! nice and easy to work with

  21. Pratap Chahal (verified owner)

    highest quality koji spores I’ve come across. Will now be trying some of the other strains and thrilled to have found a koji supplier in Europe.

  22. Marco (verified owner)

    The Shipping was very fast !
    Thank you also for the nice Support!

    Greetings From Germany


  23. Mateusz

    I like this strain it gives a nice floral scents in higher temperaturas and nutty aromas in lower

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