White Koji Spores

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The amount refers to how much wet substrate can be inoculated. For more info, click here.


This strain produces, unlike other strains, white spores. It is best suited for amazake, but can be used for light misos as well. If your main aim is to make amazake, you are best off with this strain.

The fragrance this strain produces is outstanding, in my opinion. It also grows well on barley.

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80 reviews for White Koji Spores

  1. VERONIQUE FORTIN (verified owner)

  2. Declan King (verified owner)

    Easy navigation website, very good product, great customer service. Just sampled my first batch of hazelnut miso yesterday!

  3. Fredrik Elin (verified owner)

  4. Linus Klein (verified owner)

  5. Dario Marxer (verified owner)

  6. Erik Munneke (verified owner)

    Loving it so far. Using pearl barley right now and it never failed for me. The yield is also slightly more than prescribed, so that’s great aswell!

  7. Dave H. (verified owner)

    Worked like a charm!

  8. Jonathan Ante Janhed (verified owner)

  9. Egbert Lieman (verified owner)

    I did not use it yet, but from an earlier ferment i used it to make koji and several diferent products.
    verry good spores

  10. Anna (verified owner)

  11. Lan (verified owner)

    I made rice koji for the very first time with these spores and it was a great success.

  12. Cindy (verified owner)

    Lively spores and service

  13. Guido Bauhammer (verified owner)

  14. Barbara Stelzer (verified owner)

  15. Alexis Goertz (verified owner)

    love these spores! they work perfectly every time!

  16. Sabine Sendlhofer (verified owner)

    Excellent product- very active and copious . I mixed the kojikin with potato starch, because it said in the instructions to mix it with starch to facilitate handling. Next time I will take rice flour and sterilize before mixing in the spores. I am very satisfied with the ease of procedure, the product arrived very quickly. I can fully recommend fermentation culture. I am wondering if they will organize a workshop in shout making one day in beautiful Austria ? Servas und Pfiat‘Enk

  17. nick Richardson (verified owner)

    excellent results

  18. seunghwan oh (verified owner)

    This ist so good !!

  19. Michael kunzelmann (verified owner)

    Took a little time to grow. Maybe too low temperature in the beginning but next time ill take the green ones for koji rice.

  20. Hoàng Phúc Cao (verified owner)

  21. Jan van der Lugt (verified owner)

  22. Keith Matthews (verified owner)

    Great! Easy instructions for bulking out the spores with toasted flour. Worked really well on the bread substrate I used.

  23. Francisco Hernandez Lucas (verified owner)

    Lively spores, I got nice fuzzy grains, they’re almost cute. Made shio koji and amazake with them, tasty results. Second time ordering these. (Get a sousvide like thing for the amazake, it makes everything easier!)

  24. Kristoffer Eng (verified owner)

  25. Suzanne (verified owner)

  26. István Petykó (verified owner)

  27. Ricardo Sousa (verified owner)

  28. Peter Dalmy (verified owner)

  29. Lukas Bertschi (verified owner)

    Grows nicely.

  30. Adam (verified owner)

  31. marijana pontoni (verified owner)

  32. Fabian de Vos (verified owner)

  33. Karsten Olsen (verified owner)

  34. Ivana Mik (verified owner)

    Very delicious and versatile koji, fast growth!

  35. Moritz Lenz (verified owner)

  36. Vanessa Urben (verified owner)

    I feel that they taste more acid than the ones I used to order before here, but still very nice flavour, just less flowery in taste.

  37. Sebastian Binder (verified owner)

  38. Marc van der Haas (verified owner)

    Always fast delivery, competitive price and excellent quality.

  39. Cormac Handy (verified owner)

  40. Michel Lamarche (verified owner)

  41. Agnieszka Ziajka (verified owner)

  42. Sarah F. (verified owner)

    Very good scent, strong strain. Worked like a charm.

  43. Abi Aspen Glencross (verified owner)

  44. vladimir kviatkovsky (verified owner)

  45. Paul (verified owner)

  46. Roberto Zinzi (verified owner)

  47. Dennis (verified owner)

  48. Ronny Staquet (verified owner)

  49. Jacob Petersen (verified owner)

  50. Lukas Schedel (verified owner)

    Schnelle Lieferung, die White Koij hat ein sehr angenehmes Zitruss Aroma entwickelt. Ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen

  51. Martin Ruffley (verified owner)

    It’s a great product to work with

  52. Roberto Farina (verified owner)

  53. Michelle (verified owner)

  54. Gabriel Batista (verified owner)

    Currently on the first 24 hours of fermentation. Already colonized and started smelling fruity. Fantastic.

  55. Sally Millar (verified owner)

    This is the secons time i have used this product. Everything i have bought has been good and activates really well. I am so grateful to be able to buy spore in europe. I have made miso with my own grown beans, siberian pole beans and hope to try with my own barley later this year too. Thanks so much for your products. Sally

  56. christos Apostolopoulos (verified owner)

  57. ilaria Zappi (verified owner)

  58. Ilan Ben Zion (verified owner)

    Currently in the fermentation chamber, awaiting results!

  59. Gabriele Rossi (verified owner)

  60. artur orjuhovschii (verified owner)

    One of the best spores that I ever use

  61. Valentin (verified owner)

  62. ANDREA MOLINATTI (verified owner)

  63. Delphine Rehfuss (verified owner)

  64. João Alves (verified owner)

  65. Kenny McIntosh (verified owner)

    Very good quality spores. The website contains very useful help and information. Many thanks

  66. Laura Varžgalytė (verified owner)

    Good active spores. Clean product. Excellent service.

  67. Eric Morris (verified owner)

  68. jay ciccarelli (verified owner)

  69. Gerhard Dragschitz (verified owner)

  70. Pascal Müller (verified owner)

  71. Αriadni Portokaloglou (verified owner)

  72. Julian Ludwig (verified owner)

    After having some bad luck buying some koji spores over ebay, this spores just worked perfectly! Will buy more and can’t recommend enough.

  73. Pratap Chahal (verified owner)

    Been using these spores for over a year now and the quality is just incredible. Super versatile, premium spores and they produce a very fragrant koji.

  74. Beni (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly the best strain for those who are new to koji cultivation, easy, versatile, valid for sake as well as light miso

  75. Michael Daddio

    great spores! put them immediately to test on Grünkern and did their job beautifully. wonderful instructions of how to dosage the spores came with the shipment!

  76. Breandán Kerin (verified owner)

    Excellent spores – awesome service! Definitely coming back for more!

  77. Stav (verified owner)

    Exellent spores! nice and easy to work with

  78. Pratap Chahal (verified owner)

    highest quality koji spores I’ve come across. Will now be trying some of the other strains and thrilled to have found a koji supplier in Europe.

  79. Marco (verified owner)

    The Shipping was very fast !
    Thank you also for the nice Support!

    Greetings From Germany


  80. Mateusz

    I like this strain it gives a nice floral scents in higher temperaturas and nutty aromas in lower

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