Red Rice Koji Spores

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The amount refers to how much wet substrate can be inoculated. For more info, click here.


This is a strain for long-term rice misos, also known as red rice miso.

To avoid any confusion: this is NOT Monascus Purpureus. It is Aspergillus Oryzae. We don’t sell M. Purpureus, as it is both hard to source and hard to grow.

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21 reviews for Red Rice Koji Spores

  1. Cédric Laborde (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and perfectly packed. I have already used red koji spores that have worked perfectly with the basic solution, oven and hot water bottles. 4 kg of miso are aging, and I did a little bit of shio koji.

  2. Sebastian Kihlstrand (verified owner)

  3. Fulvia (verified owner)

  4. Tobias Friedrich (verified owner)

  5. Andy Willis (verified owner)

  6. Xenia Blanco (verified owner)

  7. Xenia Blanco (verified owner)

  8. Davide belli (verified owner)

  9. Sarah F. (verified owner)

  10. catherine limouzy (verified owner)

  11. KARLIS LANGINS (verified owner)

  12. Ludwig Ringbom (verified owner)

  13. Paul Florence (verified owner)

  14. Luis Sánchez (verified owner)


  15. Delphine Rehfuss (verified owner)

  16. João Alves (verified owner)

  17. James Sherwin (verified owner)

  18. Claudia Liliana Quiroz Ramirez (verified owner)

  19. Eric Morris (verified owner)

  20. Enrico Bufarini (verified owner)

    Very good products. I use this strain for making sweet red miso (Edo miso) because it needs just one month of fermentation, I cannot wait 12-24 month for red miso. The sweet red miso tastes delicious.
    I incubated my Koji at 30 degrees C for 48 hours.

  21. Jean-Luc (verified owner)

    Cultured on basmati rice, at room temp. Kitchen at 25-26°C, rice/koji mat temp at 30-31°C.
    Fully grown at 50 hours.

    rich overripe fruit fragrance.

    Quick and reliable shipment to Switzerland.

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