Organic Garum

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On a summer day in 2021 we received a phone call: “Do you need 400kg of fish?”

After a drain pipe burst in a fish tank, 200-400kg of organic Arctic char were available for urgent processing. After a large-scale effort of neighborhood help, the fish was frozen in time. There’s just one problem, the market for frozen organic fish in Austria is pretty bad, so the fish farmers came to us with the request for a fish sauce production.

The Arctic char is a fish of outstanding quality. It is normally found in the Arctic Ocean north of Iceland. In a small-scale farm the farmers succeeded in creating the living conditions in the alpine region at the source of the river Pielach for this fish.

We could not resist 🙂

So, as usual, we mixed the fish with koji and salt and now let it ferment for over a year.

The result is very close to that of our wild-caught fish sauce. Fruity, brown butter, and a good oomph of umami.

Since it was an “emergency” in this case and we don’t really use farmed fish in our sauce, this garum is only available while supplies last. A Limited Edition.

Weight255 g

Ingredients: FISH*, BULGUR-WHEAT**, Salt, Water
* from organic aquaculture (Austria)
** from organic agriculture (Turkey)

May contain traces of crustacians, soybeans and nuts.

Store between 4-8°C after opening.

Nutrition facts per 100 g:
Energy70 kcal / 293 kJ
Fat0 g
of which saturated fats 0 g
Carbohydrates4.6 g
of which sugars2.8 g
Protein13 g
Salt19.4 g


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