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Western fermentation tradition meets eastern fermentation tradition in this cheese/miso hybrid.

After 7 months of fermentation, we’re happy to offer this miso in our shop.

We got young, fresh cheese from a local organic cheese maker, and proceeded to make miso with it. The result has a very strong taste of Parmesan and Gorgonzola. You were warned ;)

If you like strong french cheeses, you will like this miso!

Weight 110 g

100 g


CHEESE*, rice** , water, salt
* From organic agriculture (Austria)
** From organic agrictulture (Italy)
May contain traces of NUTS, SOY and WHEAT

Best before

November 2021


In the fridge between 4 – 8 °C

2 reviews for Organic Cheeso

  1. Sigurd Meldgaard (verified owner)

    Really nice to give a lot of cheese taste to a lasagna or similar dishes. Just add a teaspoon to the sauce makes it out for parmesan.
    I haven’t dared making a miso-soup from this yet.

    It indeed has a very strong smell! I keep it in the fridge in two layers of plastic freezing bags – it easily smells through the first layer.

  2. Sandro Macchioli (verified owner)

    What a lovely surprise. A world of possibility opened up to me when I stopped looking at miso as just good for Japanese cooking. Now a lot of my cooking gets a bit of miso in it with often great results. But this cheeso takes the cake. In terms of flavour and smell, this cheeso lays in between the saltiness of a parmesan and pecorino. and there is also a hint of sweetness I can compare to a Norwegian brown cheese. So far I’ve fried it with a soffritto for a simple tomato pasta sauce and it just lifts the dish without really making itself noticed. Also great on a scrambled egg and toast, for decadent breakfast. Can’t wait to try it again with some other recipes

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