Natto spores

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Make your own Natto with these spores, directly imported from Japan!

When you make Natto, make sure to use the smaller grained varieties of soybean. We have organic ones in our shop –> Soybeans for natto.
Sometimes, Japanese grocers also carry these beans. Alternatively you can try to make Natto with black eyes peas or split chickpeas.

Here is a short write-up of how to use these spores. If you prefer something more visual, YouTube has plenty of videos on the topic. Just search for “How to make Natto”.

  1. Mix all of your spores with 10 g of starch
  2. Soak your beans for 12h.
  3. Pressure steam your beans for 35 min (small variety) to 45 min (big variety). If you don’t have a pressure steamer, steam them normally for 1.5 h, until they can be easily squeezed between your fingers.
  4. For every kg of steamed beans, use 2 g of the spores/starch mixture. Dilute your starter in a little bit of water.
  5. Mix the hot steamed beans with the starter and transfer to a pyrex dish or something similar. Try to get the depth of the beans to around 2.3 cm. If you make it thicker, you risk overheating.
  6. Put plastic film or aluminum foil over your dish. Poke some holes into the film/foil.
  7. Keep your beans at 41°C for 20h.
  8. After 20h, your Natto should be ready.

Transfer your Natto to the fridge. It will keep for about 4 weeks.

One bag contains 0.5 g of spores. The label in the picture says 5 g, but we do not mix them with starch anymore.


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