Natto spores

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    Make your own Natto with these spores, directly imported from Japan!

    When you make Natto, make sure to use the smaller grained varieties of soybean. We have organic ones in our shop –> Soybeans for natto.
    Sometimes, Japanese grocers also carry these beans. Alternatively you can try to make Natto with black eyed peas or split chickpeas.

    Here is a short write-up of how to use these spores. If you prefer something more visual, YouTube has plenty of videos on the topic. Just search for “How to make Natto”.

    1. Mix all of your spores with 10 g of starch
    2. Soak your beans for 12h.
    3. Pressure steam your beans for 35 min (small variety) to 45 min (big variety). If you don’t have a pressure steamer, steam them normally for 1.5 h, until they can be easily squeezed between your fingers.
    4. For every kg of steamed beans, use 2 g of the spores/starch mixture. Dilute your starter in a little bit of water.
    5. Mix the hot steamed beans with the starter and transfer to a pyrex dish or something similar. Try to get the depth of the beans to around 2.3 cm. If you make it thicker, you risk overheating.
    6. Put plastic film or aluminum foil over your dish. Poke some holes into the film/foil.
    7. Keep your beans at 41°C for 20h.
    8. After 20h, your Natto should be ready.

    Transfer your Natto to the fridge. It will keep for about 4 weeks.

    One bag contains 0.5 g of spores. The label in the picture says 5 g, but we do not mix them with starch anymore.

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    55 reviews for Natto spores

    1. VERONIQUE FORTIN (verified owner)

    2. Stefan Weigert (verified owner)

    3. Pantelis Koromilas (verified owner)

      Mixed the Natto spores with starch as per the instructions.
      For the last couple of years I’ve been using spores I got from another website, and while the fermentation would work for the most part, I seldom, if ever, got a good fermentation and/or strong stringiness.
      I got fantastic results with this, but I also used it with the natto beans I got from here, while so far I’ve been using the larger variety of soy beans you get from the supermarket.
      I’ve also noticed that the overall flavour was more balanced and sweet, and lacked the hint of bitterness I get from the full size soy beans, which is generally a sign of a not so good fermentation.
      I’ll soon be making a control batch with the supermarket beans and compare the results.

      Will definitely coming back for more, and I’d recommend this to anyone!
      I should also mention that the spores came nicely packed, and were accompanied by some helpful instructions on how to use them, which I can confirm that are spot on, so if you’re a beginner, this is a great starting point. Just make sure all your utensils are sanitised and have a stable temperature during fermentation and everything is going to work out.

    4. Panayot Savov (verified owner)

      Really great!

    5. Barbara Stelzer

      It worked out great with the light on in the oven. That made for the perfect temperature with a chop stick in the door for a touch of ventilation.
      Thanks a lot!

    6. Armando Trapletti (verified owner)

      Spore non attive non sono riuscito a fare il natto :(

    7. Armando Trapletti (verified owner)

    8. Anna (verified owner)

    9. Lan (verified owner)

      Works great! I’ve made two batches of delicious natto with the spores, both turned out nice and stringy.

    10. Barbara Stelzer (verified owner)

    11. Atanas Yovchev (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for the affordable natto starter !

    12. Markus Böhm (verified owner)

    13. Aloisia Webinger (verified owner)

    14. Francisco Hernandez Lucas (verified owner)

      Never liked natto until for some obscure reason I started making it myself. Now I always have a batch of natto ready in the fridge and make it by the kilo. Deliciously nutty and funky, hardly as horrible as store bought.

    15. John Faul (verified owner)

      Gratitude to the Japanese saints who brought Natto to the world. Production is easy just pay attention to the moisture content.
      I soak the soyabeans overnight and then pressure cook them for half an hour.
      I spread the beans in a baking pan ensuring as little moisture as possible – should be no water in the baking pan.
      Add the natto starter and cover with a damp cotton cloth ensuring the cloth does not touch the beans.
      I ferment the natto in my oven with a hairdryer connected to an Inkbird (bought on Amazon) at 30 degrees centigrade.
      The cotton cloth must be remoisterised every 12 hours – natto will be ready after 36 hours.
      Place the natto in open containers in the fridge overnight. This will allow excess moisture to evaporate – only then place the lids.
      This natto will last for 2 months or more – just keep wiping off any moisture that may collect on the inside of the lids.
      And yes this natto starter makes the best natto out there.

    16. Sampo Järvinen (verified owner)

      Managed to make natto out of green peas with this. Also, exceptional customer service and fast delivery. The instructions in the package were clear. All perfect. Thank you so much!

    17. Suzanne (verified owner)

      I made natto in the Instant pot using the yougurt function, medium temperature. I had the soybeans in a separate glass container covered with a plastic wrap. The glass container was placed on the steam rack but no water in the instant pot. I used the lid of the Instant pot without the rubber ring and opened the lid a few times. Came out great :-)

    18. Suzanne (verified owner)

      I had very good results with the Natto spores

    19. SANDRO RAPPO (verified owner)

    20. Cornelia (verified owner)

      I was so happy to get them, so hard to find them in Europe. The description on how to use them is also very clear and helpful. Also, I appreciate the personal touch so that the seller sent all the product descriptions in the language of my country! High quality products and fast delivery.

    21. Zahra Haeri Motedayen (verified owner)

      Really good product, I made sure to follow instructions fully and my natto tasted amazing. Thank you.

    22. Jérémy Godard (verified owner)

    23. Nikolay Bratanov (verified owner)

    24. Lucinda (verified owner)

      Our first attempt using our multicooker did not go so well but our second attempt using a hot water bottle worked a treat!

    25. Jo (verified owner)

    26. Basia (verified owner)

      Excellent quality, made strong natto.

    27. Andy Willis (verified owner)

    28. Nina (verified owner)

      Perfect! Worked like a charm!

    29. marijana pontoni (verified owner)

      It was so easy to make natto according to instuctions that came with the spores. and definitly will come to buy some more

    30. Jose Juan Lopez-Rubio (verified owner)

      it worked really well.

    31. Philipp Grabenhofer (verified owner)

      The spores worked like a charm.

    32. Sebastian Binder (verified owner)

    33. jingqiu Ervasti (verified owner)

      It works quiet well.

    34. Agnieszka Ziajka (verified owner)

    35. Adam Hlavatý (verified owner)

      Great Natto culture. Works like a charm.

    36. Markus (verified owner)

    37. Sarah (verified owner)

      Delicious natto…

    38. Lorenzo Giacomella (verified owner)

    39. Vasilis Zafranas (verified owner)

      Came in a week and happy to report I made a very nice batch of natto with store bought quality and maybe better. I tried making a second batch from the first and it didnt come out the same (trying to save the spores) so I reverted to the spores and I have a very nice batch again! Thank you for your product and delivery from a Natto lover from greece.

    40. Inna Toropejeva (verified owner)

    41. AIKO (verified owner)

      Optimum neba neba. Tastes great!

    42. Gatis Vītols (verified owner)

    43. jere Vihervaara (verified owner)

    44. Raisa (verified owner)

      Fast shipping, came with English instructions. Spores work well. I’m very happy with my order.

    45. Sean Carmack (verified owner)

      First time making natto and it was a breeze. Spores we’re very active and it tastes delicious. Will definitely be ordering more

    46. GIORGIO SADOTTI (verified owner)

      The best!

    47. Sergej P (verified owner)

      Good result from the first try

    48. claudia cavallucci (verified owner)

    49. Lion (verified owner)

      perfectly fine spores. Very happy with my first batch,

      My second tastes nice, but didn’t develop the slimyness. What could this be? What influences the sliminess?


      • Viktor

        Hi Lion,

        thanks for your rating!
        I am not experienced enough with natto to help you troubleshoot, but this is a great video about natto making:
        Maybe you can find the difference in how he makes natto and you made it.

    50. Fabian (verified owner)

      The delivery was fast and the natto worked flawlessly! My first try was a success. There came a very good description coming with the spores. Also Viktor responded very fast and friendly to my (stupid) question!

      Would and will buy again!

    51. Ben A. (verified owner)

      The first time around I didn’t do a heat shock and the beans didn’t really ferment. The second time I provided a heat shock and it worked like a charm!

    52. Sharon Roberts (verified owner)

      As always, great service and a great product. Instructions are always concise and clear too. I would recommend Natto as a first venture into playing with spores. I have a bread proofer with a wide range of temperatures and it worked perfectly to ferment the beans. It might be useful for you to know that it was a hot day and the temperature of my soy beans, whilst in the proofer, fluctuated between 33C and 47C. I was adjusting the temperature on my proofer. This was Viktor’s response to my question. Should I sterilise the flour? ‘With Natto it doesn’t matter much in my opinion. Sterilizing is important to kill off molds, but molds don’t have much leeway to grow when making Natto. It should definitely work out without sterilizing the flour first’. My batch turned out perfectly., even though I soaked the beans for 24 hours instead of 12. I gave my beans a good stir (it helps the threads to develop) before eating. It tasted just like a very good blue cheese, without the ammonia. Really delicious. The threads are fun too! I’m looking forward to trying all the various ways to eat this highly nutritious food. I can also recommend buying the small soy beans too from Fermentation Culture.

    53. Ethan Oleson (verified owner)

      I had fun making my own natto! The spores worked exactly as they should, and the directions were a great help. Thanks!

    54. Anja (verified owner)

      I actually made chickpea natto instead of soybeans and loved it! Turned out perfectly! Thanks!

    55. William Christopher Wingfield (verified owner)

      High quality Natto spores which enable you to produce your own Natto. Once you have followed the instructions with how to cut with flour (which has been sterilized), the application of it is very simple.
      Used In combination with the Natto soya beans sold on this site (smaller than the soya beans you may use to make your own soya milk/ tofu) , you will ens up with a fantastic tasting homemade Natto. Highly recommended!

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