Light Rice Koji Spores

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The amount refers to how much wet substrate can be inoculated. For more info, click here.


Best suited for sweet misos (shiro miso) and amazake.
This is our go-to strain for the dried rice koji that we sell.


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58 reviews for Light Rice Koji Spores

  1. Zsuzsa Balogh (verified owner)

  2. VERONIQUE FORTIN (verified owner)

    I would have preferred it if the sachets had indicated the quantity of spores according to the raw and uncooked substrate.

  3. Stefan Weigert (verified owner)

  4. nick Richardson (verified owner)

    Great product as usual.

  5. Christophe Clarke (verified owner)

  6. Fredrik Elin (verified owner)

  7. Julia Nachreiner (verified owner)

  8. Newbie (verified owner)

    The spores are doing the job.
    I finally succeed to make the mold at my first attempt.
    It took more time than by the book, perhaps the rice was not cooked enough. I was surprised by the increase in temperature when fermenting, after 36 hours I needed no more heating of my fermenting box, the challenge was keeping the temperature under 35°C.

    I experimented the Sio Koji paste to mature meat but found no special flavour to it.
    I’ll give a try again with vegetables, and thereafter meat .

  9. Cindy (verified owner)

    Lively spores and service

  10. Barbara Stelzer (verified owner)

  11. Daniel (verified owner)

    My first order got lost, but Viktor so kind, that he sent me another one free of charge. The koji at hour 33 looks beautiful, smells great. I dunno if anyone wondered, but the second mail (since i ordered via mail) arrived in 3 days, so i can’t recommend enough these guys!

  12. nick Richardson (verified owner)

    made 5kg of koji, perfect every time i used it in 500g batches

  13. Moto (verified owner)

    I’d always bought ready-made rice koji to make my miso and never though of making from scratch with koji spores. Found your company when I was looking for soybeans for Natto making and I thought I’d give it a try with this Light Rice Koji Spores too.. So glad I did, as my miso (made 3 types from this packet of spores : Chickpea, Pearl Barley and Soybeans) and they are maturing beautifully. In fact, I have just made another order of this, and red rice koji spores too. Thank you for providing us such high quality spores.

  14. Fannie Yoshikawa

    Excellent spores. Beautiful coverage, lovely aroma and my favorite of the rice spores.

  15. Sebastian Kihlstrand (verified owner)

  16. René Saumer (verified owner)

  17. István Petykó (verified owner)

  18. Peter Dalmy (verified owner)

  19. Andy Willis (verified owner)

  20. ALBERTO ZAFFONATO (verified owner)

    Very good product, I’ve been able to make great koji at home without issues. Also been purchasing this quite a few times and never disappoints. Shipping is fast and cheap. So lucky we have this in Europe!

  21. Maria Beatriz Cunha da Mota (verified owner)

  22. ΖΑΧΑΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΣ (verified owner)

    I made an order which was not tracked and got lost during the Christmas season. fermentation culture was so kind to send another parcel free of charge. As far as the products go there is nothing to say except they seem perfect. I haven’t tried yet the shoyu and miso I made since they are not ready yet but I can clearly see the difference between previous spores I have used

  23. AYALA KIDRON (verified owner)

    Works very well every time!

  24. Xenia Blanco (verified owner)

  25. Sebastian Binder (verified owner)

  26. Xenia Blanco (verified owner)

  27. Martin Hofmann (verified owner)

    schönes Schimmeln am Reis

  28. Flaviano Ferrari (verified owner)

    Tutto perfetto
    Grazie mille !!!

  29. Roberto Martinetti (verified owner)

  30. Elisa Jiang (verified owner)

    Very good quality spores. Successfully made some rice koji with it using a rice from local production. It took 50 hours at 30C. Definitely coming back when I’m done with this tiny bag.

  31. jere Vihervaara (verified owner)

  32. Mamboline (verified owner)

  33. Sarah F. (verified owner)

  34. Dainius Vaznys (verified owner)

    I use it mainly for koji-cultured pork and miso-ricotta cheese. Very good results and the product is consistent from one purchase to another: in terms of fermentation time, vigour, etc. Highly recommend.

  35. Marco Giolo (verified owner)

    With these spores I managed to make some really aromatic koji and used it to make 20 liters of saké. This is my favourite type of spores.
    One thing that I noticed is that depending on temperature and humidity during various stages of incubation and on % of water absorption during soaking, depending on steaming and the drying after steaming, the koji aroma can have different nuances which affect the final product, soo much artisan skill involved!

    About fermentationculture: they sell high quality spores with great customer service.

  36. Adam Hlavatý (verified owner)

    It grows well and makes good Amazake, unfortunately I found out I’m allergic to Koji products. Still, it was a cool experiment.

  37. Ludwig Ringbom (verified owner)

  38. Paul Florence (verified owner)

  39. Ronny Staquet (verified owner)

  40. Maria Bachler (verified owner)

  41. Sintija Skarstāne (verified owner)

  42. Maria Crete (verified owner)

    Am very happy with the product. Thanks

  43. Lorenzo Andreatta (verified owner)

  44. Giulia Pupa (verified owner)

  45. Michael Falkensteiner (verified owner)

  46. José Francisco Torres Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Calida, precio y tiempo de enviar el producto. Perfecto.

  47. jere Vihervaara (verified owner)

  48. raul masu (verified owner)

  49. Claudia Liliana Quiroz Ramirez (verified owner)

  50. sébastien martial (verified owner)

  51. Milan Lekic (verified owner)

  52. John Faul (verified owner)

    Used the spores to make white koji rice for the fermentation of brown rice sake
    Innoculated white organic short grain rice to make the koji rice – this however took 72 hours but the end result was perfect – pure white koji rice cakes. However the smell was neutral
    Then added the white koji rice to brown organic short grain rice and then added some pure laboritory cultivated yeast and let it ferment for two weeks.
    Again the end result was excellent but the white koji rice added remained hard while the rest of the brown rice melted (so to speak)
    Problem with the hard koji rice is I like to add the lees to my porridge in the morning – the hard koji rice is not that easy to digest

  53. jay ciccarelli (verified owner)

    Only praise as products arrived in only a few days. The spores are very active and top quality. Will absolutely be ordering more.

  54. Francesco Todescato (verified owner)

    Produced good quality rice koji over 48 hours. Now making miso with it but I have some months to wait before I can tell the result…!

  55. Alexandre Carreira (verified owner)

  56. Anna Williams (verified owner)

  57. Kevin Perlinger (verified owner)

    My go to strain for everything. I use it for every type of Miso, short or long aged. The smell is great and depends on the substrate you use. Rice makes a floral-mushroom kinda smell and wheat berries one with fruity notes.

  58. Markos (verified owner)

    My first attempt at making koji with these spores was great.

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