Koji and Miso Workshop 22nd of February

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If you ever wanted to learn about Koji and Miso making, or if you want to deepen your knowledge, you have the chance to participate in our workshop!

It will take place in Altmünster, Austria!


What we will learn about in this workshop:


  • how to make Koji, the essential component of miso, soy sauce, amazake and saké.
  • why Koji is essential in these foods, and what is going on when miso is fermenting and why it tastes the way it does.
  • about the different ways you could design your own incubation box.
  • how to decide what ratios of rice Koji (or barley Koji) to boiled soybeans to use, how to calculate the amount of salt you will need.
  • how to avoid mold growing on your miso when it is fermenting.
  • how to make soy sauce.


  • We will make Koji together
  • We will make a Miso together (everybody gets a jar to bring home) with rice or barley Koji
  • We will also taste misos and shoyus of ours (ranging from traditional to experimental)


Saturday;  22nd of February 2020 from 11am to 6pm. – open end dinner and discussion


At our production site in Altmünster. (Alpenhotel, Hauptstraße 28, 4813 Altmünster, Austria)


144,- € inkl. 20% VAT
inkl. all materials for the workshop and a meal in the evening.

We have a max participant number of 15. The language of the workshop will depend on the participants. If everybody speaks German, it’ll be in German, of course. Otherwise it will be in English, with some German commentary if it is needed.

By buying this product, your place in the workshop is reserved. Please note that if you buy via bank transfer, the money must clear on our account before your place is reserved.


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