Organic Dark Soysauce

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Our einkorn-shoyu got a little rebranding, from now on it is called Dark Soysauce.


Einkorn wheat and soybeans from Austria meet in this shoyu, which was aged for 24 months, before being pressed, aged some more and bottled. The result is a very harmonious shoyu with a slight sweetness.

Weight280 g

May contain traces of nuts.


100 ml


Store in the fridge at 4-8°C after opening.

6 reviews for Organic Dark Soysauce

  1. Cornelia (verified owner)

    Oishiii! Delicious! Also, I appreciate the personal touch so that the seller sent all the product descriptions in the language of my country! High quality products and fast delivery.

  2. Gisela Koller (verified owner)

  3. Christine Biancarelli (verified owner)

    I use it daily. I like it a lot

  4. Kate T (verified owner)

  5. Francesc Miralles (verified owner)

  6. Sharon Roberts (verified owner)

    Wow! Flavours I detected include sour cherry and dark fruit.. Exceptional flavours. I also poured a teaspoon of this very special shoyu over my freshly made (and stirred) *natto. What a surprise to pick up intense notes of roasted tomato sauce. The natto has a lovely ‘bite’ to it. Reminiscent of blue cheese (without ammonia back taste). Cheese and tomato flavours, but not as you know it! Instead of white rice, I eat natto over wholegrain, organic oats which are significantly higher in fibre than traditional white rice. This is my new breakfast. Viktor and Christine are Master fermenters. (*Natto spores from Fermentation Culture.)

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