Barley Koji Spores

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The amount refers to how much wet substrate can be inoculated. For more info, click here.


Spores best suitable for barley. From personal experience with the strain: it smells amazing!


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92 reviews for Barley Koji Spores

  1. Markus Odermatt (verified owner)

  2. Myra (verified owner)

    The seller service is 5 stars:
    Koji spores were well packaged. Arrived with detailed instructions how grow them, which was very thoughtful of the seller.

    The postal service:
    I opted into free standard delivery. It took 6 weeks for the package to arrive from Austria to Ireland. Next time I will be ordering, I will choose tracked registered post.

    Big thanks to Fermentation Culture team for the opportunity to grow koji culture!

  3. Stefan Weigert (verified owner)

  4. Chris Halestrap (verified owner)

    Requires a bit of work to dilute – might be better to sell less concentrated, but elsewise good product, worked well

  5. Fredrik Elin (verified owner)

  6. Eva de Winkel (verified owner)

  7. Declan King (verified owner)

  8. Fredrik Elin (verified owner)

  9. Ruben Nunez (verified owner)

    The best spores I found on Europe. Super fast delivery. I love it!

  10. Linus Klein (verified owner)

  11. Dario Marxer (verified owner)

  12. Eliel Murto (verified owner)

    Grew perfectly!

  13. Simon Hoffmann (verified owner)

  14. Jürgen (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Great quality that allows me to produce perfect Koji from different types of barely (and other grain) even with my selfmade stuff. Can 100% recommend the spores!

  15. Cindy (verified owner)

    Lively spores and service

  16. Guido Bauhammer (verified owner)

  17. Cindy Wunderli (verified owner)

  18. Chris Aylmer (verified owner)

    I bought the barley koji spores, enough for 5kg. I diluted the sachet with with corn starch as suggested. I’ve done one batch but didn’t use the spores with barley on this occasion. I soaked 250g chickpeas in water overnight and cooked them on the hob for an hour, by simmering in a shallow, stainless steel pan (actually a poached egg steamer originally), with a see-through lid and air vent. The chickpeas absorbed nearly all the water and I let them cool. After cooling and draining, there was a sticky, jelly-like coating on the peas. I didn’t rinse this off. I transferred the chickpeas to a large, flat, oblong pan (about 2cm high sides) and dabbed them all over with paper kitchen roll. I sprinkled on 3g of the diluted spores. I covered the pan with a cotton kitchen towel and put it in my fan oven on the lowest possible setting….just enough to switch on the fan. I had a temperature gauge in the oven which showed that the temperature was around 30 to 35°C. I adjusted the oven dial to get the range as right as I could. I had a dish of water (originally boiling when filled) in the oven to keep a moist atmosphere. I left the pan of chickpeas warming in the oven overnight. In the morning there was no mould growing on the surface of the chickpeas. I left the oven on until the evening and there was was a small amount of mould by that time. I turned off the oven and left the pan inside for another overnight period, thinking that prolonged heat might not be good. In the morning, there was more mould to be seen but not that much more. I turned on the oven again and left the pan inside until the evening. By the evening (after about 48 hours in all) there was enough mould for my liking. I transferred the chickpeas to a food processor and blended them with some dairy kefir, naturally fermented lemon juice, grated garlic, chopped ginger and ground up sesame seeds, to make a kind of tahini. It is very tasty indeed and I’m keeping it in the fridge to have with sourdough bread.

    Thanks very much for the excellent product you are selling and for the helpful advice on how to use it.

  19. Kaz O (verified owner)

  20. Sascha Köhler (verified owner)

  21. Hoàng Phúc Cao (verified owner)

  22. Kristian Bøving (verified owner)

    Excellent quality spores.

  23. Sebastian Kihlstrand (verified owner)

  24. Mathias Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Pretty strong Spores, just like it should be. I had an order of 3 different types of spores. Since there was probably a mix-up in the order and I got 3 packs of spores as ordered, but one was not the right one, I got as a prio delivery directly the missing spore pack sent after. Great customer support!

  25. Kristoffer Eng (verified owner)

  26. Giovanni Avella (verified owner)

  27. Fulvia (verified owner)

  28. Peter Dalmy (verified owner)

  29. Jérémy Godard (verified owner)

  30. Tobias Friedrich (verified owner)

  31. Andy Willis (verified owner)

  32. claudia cavallucci (verified owner)

    Simply wonderful

  33. Josip Lilić (verified owner)

    It was my first time ordering from and everything went smooth. Got my spores after few days and a nice explanation letter on how to dilute them and work with it.
    The spores worked great! They are very powerfull!
    Few hours after inoculation..BOOM..white snow (mold) everywhere!
    All in all very satisfied with my purchase!

  34. Michael Primes (verified owner)

  35. Ísak Aron Jóhannsson (verified owner)

    Great product and works well! Instructions were also a huge plus!

  36. Scott

    Viability and performance was outstanding despite the shipment overseas in the winter. Even as a first-timer, I was able to create a beautiful bed of barley Koji within 42-45 hours at optimal temperature and humidity.

  37. AYALA KIDRON (verified owner)

    I ordered this product multiple times and it never failed.
    Thank you!

  38. Sebastian Binder (verified owner)

  39. Stipe Susnjara (verified owner)

  40. Martin Hofmann (verified owner)

    Schimmelt sehr gut, wie das Miso schmeckt weiß ich erst in 2 Jahren

  41. Pius Odermatt (verified owner)

  42. Luca Brughelli (verified owner)

    Some time ago I started buying these spores. As a beginner in the production of koji, the first results were so encouraging that, as I gradually discovered the details to be improved, I now regularly achieve excellent quality. This is true for these spores suitable for barley, but really good results I have also obtained with those indicated for rice koji and those for making barley-based sour koji.

  43. Tobias (verified owner)

    The spores produce great koji, and the service/shipping excellent

  44. Roberto Martinetti (verified owner)

  45. Elisa Jiang (verified owner)

    Bought some barley for it but the barley came with quite some bran, so the Koji was not 100% successful, still usable I’d say. But the fragrance during the process is so amazing! Highly recommended just because of this, totally worth it!

  46. catherine limouzy (verified owner)

  47. Markus (verified owner)

  48. KARLIS LANGINS (verified owner)

  49. Sarah (verified owner)

    So far so good with the first batch. Have to try it more.

  50. Adam Hlavatý (verified owner)

    This variety grows well but it sporulates RIDICULOUSLY early. In like 40 hours there’s already plenty of spores. This should at the very least be mentioned in the product description.

  51. Ludwig Ringbom (verified owner)

  52. vladimir kviatkovsky (verified owner)

  53. CLAUDIA CAVALLUCCI (verified owner)

  54. Alessandro Atzori (verified owner)


  55. Ondřej Kupka (verified owner)

    I am smelling flowers in the room right now.

  56. Kim Jensen (verified owner)

  57. Jannik Moser (verified owner)

    always top notch, thanks!

  58. Joseph Callaars (verified owner)

  59. Gregor (verified owner)

    Delivery of the spores was quick and easy as they arrived in a tiny sachet that fits in regular envelope for letters. As complete first-timer I easily managed to go through the process of diluting koji spores with starch and growing a healthy batch of pearl barley koji within 48 hours. Totally recommended!

  60. Bethan James (verified owner)

    Great product for making small scale barley miso.

  61. Maria Bachler (verified owner)

  62. Sintija Skarstāne (verified owner)

  63. Lorenzo Andreatta (verified owner)

  64. Howard (verified owner)

    These are first rate, I’m a total novice and by following the instructions on the website and using these spores it’s hard to go wrong I have made 2, 500g batches and the spores worked both times. Very vigorous growth, I can’t thank you enough.

  65. Ryan Carter (verified owner)

  66. charles Kizito (verified owner)

    Dear Victor,
    Just to let you know the Koji spores I purchased from you works like a dream! They are powerful portent and viable just ready to grow given the right conditions.
    Thank you for maintaining the quality and that’s what consumers want, value for money.
    Charles Kizito

    • Viktor

      Thanks for the kind words Charles =)

  67. Delphine Rehfuss (verified owner)

  68. João Alves (verified owner)

  69. Deivid Latysovic (verified owner)

    Best in the game

  70. James Sherwin (verified owner)

  71. cristiana gramata (verified owner)

    My first time using barley koji spores but everything went fine. Expecting miso to be done to try it.

  72. Francesco Castelfranco (verified owner)

  73. Joel Kuennen (verified owner)

    Excellent viability, worked great.

  74. Raphaël Gétaz (verified owner)

  75. Marguerige keogh (verified owner)

  76. Tea Dular (verified owner)

  77. Maxim Faber (verified owner)

    When I placed an order, I’d originally wanted to include these spores, but I somehow forgot. I sent an email to customer service and quickly got a reply that it would be no problem whatsoever to add them to my original order so I wouldn’t have to pay any additional shipping cost. Great service!

  78. Marguerige keogh (verified owner)

  79. sébastien martial (verified owner)

  80. Milan Lekic (verified owner)

  81. jay ciccarelli (verified owner)

  82. Alfie Jameson (verified owner)

    Amazing products, always. And such careful packaging and quick service. Thank you so much!

  83. Ilya Fisher (verified owner)

    I’ve made a couple of orders and impressed with variety of what is available, the range of spores and great to be able to purchase the grains too. The cashew miso is incredible. Thank You!

  84. philo (verified owner)

    made delicious, fragrant, fluffy, cakey koji – can only recommend

  85. Pascal Müller (verified owner)

  86. TIBOR TÓTH (verified owner)

  87. Lea (verified owner)

    “Barley Koji Spores” sind die ersten Sporen die ich gekauft habe und ich habe damit auch meinen ersten eigenen Koji hergestellt. Der Koji war nach ca. 43 – 44 Stunden fertig und es hat auf anhieb super funktioniert. Ich bin mit dem Produkt sehr zufrieden!

  88. Carola (verified owner)

    I just made my second batch from these spores (one gramm) and again it smelled wonderful. The first time, I felt a little unsure of how to handle each step. However, the whole process was without any problems. I may have stopped too early the first time (after 38 hours), but I felt like the barley was “ripe”. Fortunately, my oven has a 35 degree function, so I just use my oven with a damp towel over and another under the barley bleach. It works well and the temperature never got above 35 degrees.

  89. Yanik Stavdal (verified owner)

    This strain grew extremely well on brown rice, even better than it did on pearled barley under the same conditions. Both had a wonderful aroma and I am looking forward to trying this strain on other grains as it seemed to grow better on a whole grain than a hulled one. Perhaps buckweat or quinoa.

  90. Sardine

    I wrote this summer a research paper about fermentation in France. So I wanted to try out my own koji (to make beef/peas/grasshopper garums). I tried amazon’s koji, and I was really disappointed. This one is INCREDIBLE so efficient, strong and tasty I’ll buy all my next spores on this website now

  91. Will H. (verified owner)

    These were the first koji spores I’ve used, as previously I’ve only ever made batches with dried koji rice. However, after trying these I’m never going back! They worked fantastically for me on my first go with them. The barley koji I made was really strong growing, with a really delicious apricot smell and a sweet taste, that I haven’t managed to properly achieved before. I’d highly recommend!

  92. Steve

    Great product. While I had never made koji before, I have now made (and consumed) quite a few batches with these spores and all have worked out great. Since I have no prior experience I’m judging the spores based on reading what should happen from other sources (aroma and taste of the final product, timecourse of initial growth (~24-30h until initial growth+fragrance) and sporulation (~48-52h) and lack of any contaminants (no other strange coloured molds, off-smells, slimyness etc) ). Based on these criteria, would highly recommend :).

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