Barley Koji Spores

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6,00 incl. VAT (5,45 excl. VAT)

Spores best suitable for barley. From personal experience with the strain: it smells amazing!


One bag contains 0.8 g of spores, enough for 5kg of cooked substrate.

Weight 0.8 g

1 review for Barley Koji Spores

  1. Steve

    Great product. While I had never made koji before, I have now made (and consumed) quite a few batches with these spores and all have worked out great. Since I have no prior experience I’m judging the spores based on reading what should happen from other sources (aroma and taste of the final product, timecourse of initial growth (~24-30h until initial growth+fragrance) and sporulation (~48-52h) and lack of any contaminants (no other strange coloured molds, off-smells, slimyness etc) ). Based on these criteria, would highly recommend :).

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