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Usually we calculate with a maximum duration of 10 weekdays for delivery, but depending on the postal system in your country of residence, it might take longer than that. This does not mean it's going to take this long, it always depends on the country you are ordering to.

Shipping to the USA and Canada: We can and do ship to North America, however, since there are so few flights right now due to covid, it is going to take about three weeks until your order will arrive in the US. Thanks for your understanding.

Currently on Sale

For those of you who just want to make Amazake or Miso without making Koji first.
Can also be used to quickly age meat!

Only available within Europe!

We also make misos and shoyus. Our range of products is constantly growing and changing! If you want to be notified of any new products, please sign up for our newsletter.

Only available within Europe!