On Koji Amounts

We are offering koji starter in three different sizes: for 5 kg, 50 kg and 200 kg of wet substrate.

We are focusing on the amount of koji you can make rather than the total weight of the spores, as the latter isn’t very informative. This is because the spores you can buy on the market have different concentrations.

Let’s say you want to make 5 kg of Koji. Other vendors may offer 10 grams of starter, which sounds a lot compared to 0.8 grams in our case, but you can make the same amount of koji, as other vendors often mix the spores with starch (which is perfectly legitimate I want to add, but it may be confusing).

So when you are comparing prices, make sure to check what the other vendor says how much koji you can make. If they don’t mention how much koji you can make, they are not very trustworthy, as this is critical information.

We decided to offer the koji spores in their concentrated form, as it makes free shipping with less packaging easily possible.

If you are interested in how much the spores are weighing, you can refer to the table below:

For 5 kgFor 50 kgFor 200 kg
Spores for Miso0.8 g7.5 g30 g
Spores for Shoyu1.1 g10 g40 g
A. Luchuensis1.75 g17.5 g70 g

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